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With Bad Sisters already trying to attract enough audiences for Apple to make a second season, even though it was originally planned as a limited series, you’re perfectly right to ask: Why am I telling you this? you this is something that you should watch, when many people have done? Well, first of all, the show seems to have a slow rate of word of mouth, which increases during its weekly episode dips in the fall, which means that — even with its twists and gripping endings — no there’s much in the way of Twitter chat during the rollout. With a show like Bad Sisters, theory is half the fun, so that’s as much fun as Season 2 starts filming. Plus, the movie is incredibly addictive, making it perfect for binge-watching—especially during the holiday season, with its brutally humorous dissection of toxic family dynamics. After a week of coming home with (and possibly being pushed up against the wall by your own family), you might be thinking about murder—so turn on Bad Sisters instead, and you can live vicariously off. the Garvey sisters as they finish off their hated relative. Murder can be bad, and these sisters can be bad, but it’s good to see them as bad.

Lolita express shirt

We get it—there are simply too many. So this year, we’re giving our editors a last-minute chance to add things that might have been left out. See all the things you really should read, watch, or listen to—as well as more of our year in terms of review coverage—here. It’s been another great year for documentaries—Navalny, Flames of Love, Beauty and Bloodshed, to name a few of my favorites. In fact, there are so many ways to make nonfiction films—especially on streaming services, where multi-part documentaries seem to mushroom—that it’s easy to miss something special. separate. For me, that overlooked gem is New Delhi-based filmmaker Shaunak Sen’s All That Breathes. Released in late October and still playing as I write this series on select screens (with an HBO Max release in 2023), All That Breathes is an enthralling, unforgettable story. about a lot of things: wild, dirty urban, intimate, devoted, entropy and heartbreaking.

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There are also some less familiar (but equally interesting) characters: Eva Birthistle as an older sister struggling with guilt after betraying her husband and children by having an affair, and Sarah Greene as another sister whose hilariously gruff style hides a more vulnerable side—and whose eyepatch heralds a darker storyline, certainly starring JP. Another good thing about Bad Sisters? It sounds obvious, but it’s actually very, very funny. The show’s gripping twists — across two different timelines: First, when the sisters begin discussing the plot to kill JP, and then after his death (so we’ll be together). find out exactly how it happened) — would be more than enough to sustain its 10 episodes. But by leaving the dark moments with moments of fun silliness, the film carefully builds its own unique tone and texture, where you’ll find yourself reacting to an act of gruesome violence. terrified and then burst out laughing at another failed murder attempt in the blink of an eye. eye. However, it’s not all bloodthirsty high-pitched jokes and cruel slurs — the show also has a more resonant undertone, even when subtly interwoven. Essentially, Anne Marie-Duff’s fake wife Grace is the victim of abuse and the frustrations of her sisters as they try to protect her from JP’s worst practices in a family society. growth is acting strangely. At times, you may find yourself wondering, Do they have any choice but to kill him?

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