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Don’t be disappointed if the stylers you used to love no longer work for you. Longsworth is part of Miribel’s lightweight gel to keep the weight light; not to mention it also moisturizes through nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, flaxseed extract and vitamin E. Or perhaps your hair is flat. Turn up the volume with an evaporator by Paul Mitchell, who considers Maye Musk a fan, or Shu Uemura’s mousse endorsed by Rubel. For any other styling need, Living Proof’s spray offers versatile benefits from instant volume to undoing texture. As a final step, a drop of hair oil can fix dry, brittle hair by locking in moisture. Delicately apply Davines OI Oil to add shine and softness to wet or dry hair without weighing it down, especially if it feels coarse. Bread Beauty Supply’s elixir is also a solid choice, powered by Kakadu plums for unmatched shine and moisture.

Campusconnection store tulane cotton bowl win probability 100% 10 shirt

From the delicate scent of cherry blossoms in spring to the scent of sizzling yakitori and the tobacco smoke wafting from izakayas in the evening, everyday life in Japan offers a range of scents that will make you reeling. However, when it comes to personal fragrances, the country is known for its exceptionally gentle touch. It’s not uncommon for a fancy sushi restaurant to stipulate that guests don’t wear perfume (for fear the unwanted smell of oud or bergamot will overshadow the taste of other diners); In the meantime, treat yourself to too much Portrait of a Lady, and you’ll probably wrinkle your nose a few times on the train. “A lot of perfumes in Japan come from abroad, so there are very few that are made to suit Japanese preferences or tastes,” said Masaya Konaka, founder of family perfume brand Kurashi no Kaori. Combination of natural scents from Japan. It was a quiet November morning, and Konaka was sitting at the end of a large oak desk at her brand’s tailoring shop, dressed in a navy suit and marl turtleneck. Nestled in Yamanako, a village 100 kilometers west of Tokyo, the workshop functions as both a shop and a workshop, where employees revolve around making candles from soy wax or guiding visitors on tours of the grounds. . Mount Fuji loomed large through the window, covered with snow and covered with a band of clouds. “We built the workshop in such a way that Fuji-san could see it from every window,” said Konaka, who sourced the land and operated the building last year.

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Courtesy of Kurashi no KaoriKurashi no Kaori—literally ‘fragrance of life’ in English—was established in late 2021 and offers a home fragrance approach that aims to create quintessential calm. vi for the sense of smell. With a luxury factory in the mountains and a beautiful new boutique in Ginza, it quickly established itself as one of the country’s most stylish new fragrance brands. “The main reason I started Kurashi no Kaori is because I wanted more people to incorporate fragrance into their daily lives,” says Konaka. “I hope our scent can bring a sense of relaxation.” To achieve its mission, each product from Kurashi no Kaori aims to include a specific part of one’s routine; even the space a product will occupy is considered. “Diffusers come in many varieties, so they work best in the living room or bathroom, while the fragrance bar spreads more into your personal space, such as on your desk or next to the bathroom,” explains Konaka. your bed. The reed diffuser is locally made from bone china or glass and filled with willow or rattan twigs, intended as a permanent decorative vase rather than holding a disposable scent. Meanwhile, the fragrance bar is like a soy wax candy bar that can be lightly grated to release the scent. Konaka says the meshing process acts like a ritual and is ideal for use in the office as you head to work or by the bed as you prepare for bed. Courtesy of Kurashi no Kaori

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