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Many see the bipartisan passage of the Respect for Marriage Act as a reflection of the growing public acceptance of same-sex marriage between both parties. 61% of Americans say that legalizing same-sex marriage is good for society, according to a Pew Research poll conducted in October. Thirty-nine Republicans and 12 party senators Republicans voted for the Respect for Marriage Act. In the bill, the federal government would be prohibited from denying marriage between two people “based on the sex, race, ethnicity or national origin of such individuals.” This also provides primary protections for interracial marriages, which became fully legal in the United States in 1967 through Loving v. Virginia. Most of the comments for Loving and Obergefell focused on the 14th amendment, which ensures due process and equal protection for all.

Pharmacist in the making pharmacy technician shirt

Many LGBTQ+ organizations and advocates have praised the bill. But they have also encouraged Congress to provide even tighter federal mandates and protections for LGBTQ+ citizens. Many argue that the conservative-led Supreme Court could still overturn the landmark 2015 Obergefell case, which required states to grant marriage licenses to all couples. If this happens, states can still ban same-sex marriage. For example, a couple in Texas, where same-sex marriage is prohibited by law, would have to go to a state that recognizes and licenses same-sex marriage in order to legally marry. Jim Obergefell, the lead plaintiff in the Obergefell v Hodges case, criticized the Respect for Marriage Act on CNN. “No, I don’t celebrate,” Obergefell said. “I will say I am happy that at least something has been done, something that we will have to back out of if the Supreme Court rescinds Obergefell in the future, but this action, I see curious that it’s called Respect for Marriage Take action because it doesn’t respect the LGBTQ+ community, our marriage, our relationships or our family.”

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After a three-year pandemic-related hiatus, will moviegoers come back strong in 2023? That’s certainly something studios seem to be looking forward to given the impressive list of releases currently scheduled for the coming months. The noisiest of them all? The sequel to a star-studded sci-fi blockbuster, Greta Gerwig takes on a fuchsia-covered logo and Timothée Chalamet becomes a top hat chocolate maker. Here are 10 movies not to be missed. I grew up watching Bollywood romantic comedies from the late ’90s and early ’00s. Those were the first genres I remember seeing, in pitch-black, cave cinemas. inside the huge cinemas south of Kolkata, where I was born. Then, at the age of 7, I moved to London with my mother, and somehow these fun, hyped techno-color musicals became even more important: Like food. The Bengali we cook and Indian classical music are played in our living room on Late Sunday morning, they form a bridge to a distant home.

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