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“We wanted to avoid any fast-fashion items and really draw attention to these amazing smaller designers that often get lost in the abyss of mainstream resale sites,” she shares. The site’s most adored brands are Ace & Jig, Rudy Jude, Babaa, Ilana Kohn, and Misha & Puff. The process for sorting out the rest? Human eyeballs. “It’s not always perfect, but I think it really helps us maintain that boutique shopping experience,” says Lindello. It was a preowned Jesse Kamm Instagram rabbit hole that led ceramist Isabel Halley to Noihsaf. It’s not just the curation of indie designers that keeps her coming back but also the ability to imagine the clothing’s life before its stylistic rebirth. “I like to be able to get my eyes on the seller,” she says. “I want to look at her page before I buy something and think to myself, Yes, I want to look like her, or Oh, she’s selling at such and such a price because she’s trying to get rid of it.’” For Arielle McManus, an FIT alumni, the magic’s in the fit. Instead of listing by size, Noihsaf requires items to be uploaded with their exact measurements. “Size tags are basically useless, and I like that they recognize that,” McManus says.

Liberty Guns Beer Pro Donald Trump Shirt

Greatest finds on the app include a Beklina silk-blend set, a Shaina Mote 2019 cape coat, a clear 1970s bag covered in daisies, and a pair of navy nylon Caron Callahan Mary Janes. Users include celebrities, stay-at-home moms, artists, engineers, and writers. “I’m really proud of the community we built,” says Lindello. Describing the community as “very conscientious shoppers who want to invest in quality pieces and pay attention to how and where items are made” is only the start. They’re true-blue lovers of clothing, willing to reach for the tape measure, set the right mood lighting, and send pictures in hard-to-pull-off flare pants. Noihsaf is a practice in the art of peer-to-peer exchange, reminding us that there’s joy to be found in passing our well-loved and never-worn clothes off to a new friend.

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The leather jacket is one of the most enduring investment pieces to own. But during a heatwave, heavy-duty outerwear isn’t an item that springs to mind. Hailey Bieber has found a way to make the motorcycle jacket appropriate for summer. While out running errands in Los Angeles, the 25-year-old Rhode founder served pared-back summer style in the coolest of ways. A navel-baring heather-grey top, rolled-up boxer shorts, a black oversized leather jacket from Balenciaga, grey New Balance trainers, and white socks completed the look. Hailey accessorized with gold hoop earrings, black micro shades and a beige baseball cap featuring a green bill. Despite not being the first item we reach for when the mercury rises, the leather jacket can elevate a summery look as the sun starts to set. Wear an oversized version with lightweight co-ords, like Hailey, to balance an outfit. I ‘ve always loved a white tank top. It’s the pinnacle of high-low fashion: I can wear one with nameless vintage boot-cut jeans—or a pair of archival Gucci tie-dye velvet pants. In my early days in New York, whenever I was in a pinch I’d steal the Hanes versions from boyfriends, and when I dumped them I’d just go to the local drugstore and buy a pack of five. And the more I wore them, the better they got: After a few washes, these cheap yet chic pieces fit just right.

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