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The first argument against long-distance relationships is often: How do you keep your eyes on someone you don’t see often? This question always confuses me, because what is the guarantee that your devotion to each other will not give up even if you live in the same town as your partner? People cheat on each other despite living under the same roof, and the real answer lies in the nature of your relationship and how much loyalty means to your partner and to you. For my husband and I, within the first month of meeting and confessing our feelings, we put loyalty very high on the list of things that must be a part of our relationship for our relationship to be. effective system. We walked in thinking we had seen something lasting together. And since then, a third person never entered the picture. We’re both so confident in our relationship that there’s never been a question about our vision, but we also block any third-party advances in the first place. That’s not to say that monogamy should be the path for everyone—all I’m saying is that you and your partner need to be on the same page with clear priorities. The second question I often get from friends and related relatives is: Don’t you feel lonely? I usually answer with a no and a shrug of ignoring, but I always wonder if our society is still stuck in the 90s mindset that you can’t function without partner or not. Even today, a lot of my friends don’t step out of the house without their significant other. To me, this makes no sense. I work a 9 to 5 hour job, I have two groups of friends, two families and two dogs to take care of. And even if I choose to just have a mellow night, I’m perfectly happy to be with myself. The limited amount of time my husband and I can make video calls during the day feels like a well-deserved break and I love that he’s my space to vent and nurture. This allows both of us to have a world outside of our relationship and thrive in it, rather than delving into each other’s personalities.

Tp5 basketball shirt

And finally, because I know this question is already on your mind: Is it more magical when you’re together? That’s right! Picking up my husband from the airport is our tradition. Even after six years together, instead of having an agreed place to meet, we struggled to find each other in the parking lot. But when I finally spotted him, every cell in my body rushed towards him and I didn’t care who was watching. We often make big plans for our next adventure together, but even just sitting around, watching TV or doing housework, gives us real pleasure. And then, when it’s time to go our separate ways, instead of being sad and disappointed, we make it a priority to make the most of every last bit of time and then say goodbye with a smile and a lot of fun. much support. This also allowed us to both be as crazy about each other as we were when we first started dating. We legally enjoy each other’s company and consider it a privilege.

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I wouldn’t say long distance relationships are not difficult. A big part of being in love makes you want to experience all the great and terrible things in life together with your partner. The feeling of wishing you were here never goes away. Your communication skills are tested to the limit, especially if different time zones, network problems and busy schedules are involved. But if you can overcome those hurdles, your relationship has passed the toughest test and can withstand almost any hardship that may come your way. Compromise is not a big deal because your partner is well aware of your limits and vice versa. Long distance relationships not only force you to be your partner’s best friend and confidant, but they also create space for your personality to shine through. Sometimes it’s easy to be a little selfish, but I’ve found that being in a long-distance relationship allows you to have a broader perspective. Somehow, it gives you the power to make your problems seem smaller than you think. When you know someone in your corner and always supporting you, there are few things in life that can really let you down. For example, when my husband is sailing, we frequently face network problems that appear as lags and reconnections. But after years of navigating through them, we’ve reached a point where we get along so well that we can manage to have a full conversation with delayed replies no longer causing What’s the problem anymore? If that’s out of sync, I don’t know what that is.

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