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“ From door frames and window sills to baseboards and moldings, using marble and stone on surfaces around the home is not a new trend but has recently evolved into to decorate architectural details. Looking at marble and stone in this way not only creates a sense of the old and timeless world, but also freshens and breathes new life into the used material.” -Colin King “A big trend this year is applying one fabric to everything in the room. You would think this might make the space busy, but it really has a peaceful, cozy and luxurious effect! Also, it’s very easy.” -Mark D. Sikes“Striking monochrome rooms where contours are painted to match the walls. Gone are the decor and white ceilings. It’s all about bold colors covering a space! -Danielle is cold

Tee young dolph lld shirt

“ The Giacometti-inspired iron details are present. We have and will continue to see iron details on furniture such as side tables, coffee tables, consoles and benches. It will appear more prominently in 2023 in the decorating sphere — think candlesticks, mirrors, decorative bowls, etc.” -Jake Arnold“I feel less interested in materials like natural brass and more interested in polished aluminum, stainless steel and nickel.” -Robert D. McKinley “Bronze, gold and bronze have long been the metals of choice in the design industry and while their timeless allure will always be in favour, a new color has caught the eye of the eye. Our attention: shiny and glossy silver. Its luscious shine and texture bring everyday flair to any space.” -Athena Calderone, EyeSwoon

Tee young dolph lld s hoddie-black

“ The return to neoclassicism, with its focus on symmetrical lines and high detail, is a natural step forward after the popularity of mid-century modern style. The décor blends easily with other periods and styles, while focusing on elegance and sophistication, without the ostentation of wealth.” -Timothy Corrigan “I think after the pandemic and all its casual practicality, people crave formality and luxury.” -Robert D. McKinley, Studio Robert McKinley “Mosaic and terrazzo are trending strongly instead of the full, book-matching marble slabs that have become popular in kitchens and bathrooms in recent years. .” -Timothy Corrigan “I am witnessing the rise of light made of paper, fabric or silk with soft ambient light.” -Athena Calderon

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