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How about you? What percentage of your life have you spent pursuing a newer, brighter self? What are you minimizing to stay more current? How are you cutting down on your screen time? I say this every year, but it’s easier to try to pick up on something new—a hobby, a skill, people often try a language—than to scour your life for generic “bad qualities” and try to get rid of it. (I will practice parallel parking along with my skincare commitments.) I just think that life is too crowded with negative things happening — war, violence, political upheaval, climate post-disorder — so much so that the last thing you deserve is punishment. You don’t need a harsh mode when we’re going through one; You don’t have to feel guilty every time you pick up the phone, eat milk, or forget to call your mom.

Ghostemane logo 2023 shirt

All the self-exams in January turning into self-punishment can be a bit competitive, and I think we’re all part of that; we are all part of the pursuit of a pious, integral existence. I can say from the bottom of my heart that I want you to be safe and healthy, that your self-determined flaws need no correction, that we all have bad attributes, that human basic (and delectable) isn’t perfect. I can say in unison that I want my coats to look less borrowed from someone smaller and that I want to read perhaps less exhausting in half a decade. But maybe those are my own flaws when it comes to speaking? Perhaps you could ask where will you find yourself next December? Next summer? The next month? Honestly ask if there are some practical steps you can take to get there. If there’s nothing you can do, there’s nothing to ease the proceedings, and I honestly say this: Damn.

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Getting ready for a great night is half the fun. It’s about the journey, not the destination! So it’s no surprise that “get ready for me” videos have taken over TikTok. Creators have posted clips inviting complete strangers to participate in their getting ready, whether they’re going to a party or going to bed. Suddenly, their followers can feel like best friends (or best friends, as many creators call their fans). The hashtag #GRWM currently has more than 59.5 billion views and continues to grow, and hours can be spent participating in the eye-popping fun. Scrolling through the GRWM videos, I found them to be equally educational—I took notes on how people do their hair and makeup!—and laid back, making you feel like you were having a chat with a person! friends in real life via FaceTime during the process.

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