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[Laughs] I was like, yeah! I love seeing friends in the designers I care about. I mean, I still want to claim these designers [laughs]. It’s like, this is mine. I already know about them. But it’s great to be able to see them connect with a different type of consumer. That’s what fashion is about. It is still a business. You want them to do well because if they don’t, they’ll be sadly gone. I want to talk about the “confessional dressing” that has become the talk of the internet because of reality shows like The Real Housewives or RuPaul’s Drag Race. The confessional is more formal. I usually wear a vest even though I dress like a child [laughs]. We also do not know what we will be placed in front because it is a green screen. There is a lot of concern from us as fashionistas about whether we have conflicts or not [laughs]. Since it’s more formal, one of the styles is this Luar from his back collection, which is an incredible performer.

Violence Isn't The Answer But It Is An Option 2023 T-shirt

Yeah, that’s not for sale. It’s a mixture of things I’ve pulled and owned. With Luar, I pulled it because it wasn’t in production, but I still want to support him. I was at that show and it was amazing. Energy is crazy. Community, that’s what it says about me. Even if I’m not part of it and I’m adjacent to it, I appreciate it and want to support it. There’s also an oddity to the look you’ve chosen. Most designers are weird, and if not sensitive. Total. I mean, one hundred percent. I also wanted to be able to show different aspects of gay and gay dressing. It’s important to me not to be cornered in one game or another. Oh, I know, cards! People are pulling on me for that [laughs]. It was a Chinese New Year celebration, and I didn’t know what to wear. I had other options but went with a Zankov vest. I was in a hurry from Brooklyn to Dorothy’s in Chelsea so I just put it on. I just received it. The card was right there and no one said anything! [laugh]. I know people online have said like oh well he’ll give it back, but I’m not. It’s mine. I actually have it in my closet and wear it. Abbie wears a Zankov vest in episode two. Courtesy of Netflix Now tell me about what wasn’t included in the show, because the edit is very New York in terms of designers.

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While wearing a Puppets & Puppets cake hat in Surrealist Ball in the first episode, you mentioned “bringing downtown to the upper quarter”, which I feel is quite similar to how your dress in the show. Yes, and it was a very obvious decision. Also to re-wear items or wear womenswear and mix and match. So when you watch these shows, they usually don’t focus on how men dress. Women, they’re wearing gowns, haute couture, and all this. That’s cool and awesome, but there are other luxury versions out there. Abbie wears a Puppets & Puppets hat in episode one. Abbie wears the Emily Dawn Long tiara in episodes five and six. He says his headgear choices have inspired many direct messages from fans. What does your co-star say about these items or brands? They didn’t say anything. But I mean, sometimes they don’t know these brands. I actually took Nam [Laks, who was also on the show] to a Puppet and Puppet show, but we couldn’t film that day. It is important to show my friends these types of designers, because as I said, as we keep saying, they are also very luxurious. I was really surprised when we went to the Bahamas and Tina was wearing a Vaquera hat.

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