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It is very much true that the Windsor and the Romanov families are related. Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandmother Queen Alexandra came from Danish royalty. She married King Edward VII of the United Kingdom, whereas her sister Maria married Czar Alexander of Russia. Maria’s son Nicholas was the last ruler of Russia—and also the first cousin of King George V, Elizabeth’s grandfather.Nicholas and George were great friends. In 1909, for example, their families vacationed together on the Isle of Wight for the Cowes Regatta. They wrote letters and telegrams to each other often, referring to each other as “Nicky” and “Georgie.” (“My dearest Georgie, I thank you so much for your kind long letter,” Nicholas wrote in February 1917. And upon Nicholas and his family’s execution by Bolsheviks, George professed profound sorrows in his diary. “It was a foul murder,” he wrote in July 1917. “I was devoted to Nicky, who was the kindest of men, a thorough gentleman, loved his country and his people.” (Despite George’s sentiments, Nicholas had earned the nickname Nicholas the Bloody within Russia for his callous handling of the Khodynka Tragedy.)

Penn state rose bowl game 2023 shirt

Fast forward to the 1990s, and Queen Elizabeth is preparing to meet Boris Yeltsin, the new president of the Russian Federation. The viewer learns that Elizabeth and Philip are relatives of the Romanovs—and wary of Yeltsin’s decision in the 1970s to demolish Ipatiev House when he was a minor official. When Prince Philip learns that his DNA may help identify the remains of his Russian ancestors, he begins researching the two royal family’s relationship, and their roles in each other’s fates. The Crown is known for drawing on events from across royal history to bring its present-day narrative to life. But in the case of the relationship between the Windsors and the Romanovs—what’s fiction, and what actually happened?

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Yet, despite their close relationship, The Crown is right: George V did indeed deny his cousin and his family asylum in the United Kingdom. In The Romanovs: 1613–1918, historian Simon Sebag Montefiore’s 744-page book on the family’s rise and fall, the chaotic final days of the dynasty are outlined. The new provisional Russian government wanted the family out of the country after Nicholas’s abdication, fearful that his allies could rally and restore the monarch. They approved a suggestion by Russia’s foreign minister to send them away.Their immediate choice was Britain. In March 1917, the British ambassador to Russia spoke to George V’s private secretary Lord Stanfordham who then shared the plan with Prime Minister David Lloyd George. Not wanting to upset Russia and their new government—their allies during WW I—the idea was tentatively approved. Montefiore found that the British royal family even discussed the Romanovs heading to Balmoral in Scotland.

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