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After directing everything from his debut outfit (by Ouer Studio) to his Zankov plaid sweater (I own one in a different color), I invited Abbie to his office. Vogue magazine for coffee. Read through to learn more about his Bling Empire suit, how he got out of his sweatpants in episodes three and four, and what looks weren’t last edited. Why did you decide to do Bling Empire? Being an “official” editor and an actor to make a reality show is an interesting choice. Tina [Leung] approached me, who negotiated with the producers. This happened almost two years ago and we had a few chats followed by the Zoom casting. I didn’t hear from them for three months, and then I got the message exactly a week before Fashion Week in September 2020, where they asked me to join the show. I really didn’t think I would be a part of it. I don’t live a “bling” lifestyle, it’s not something that suits me. In other words, my life is pretty lame [laughs]. I was reluctant to go on the show just because it was a reality show, and I wasn’t sure what people would think, or if it was really that good. will affect relationships with brands and with other editors. As an actor, you are always worried if you are portrayed in a very specific way. I talked to a lot of people inside and outside the fashion industry, and it was my actor friends who convinced me. There are very few opportunities for Asian actors to participate, and they have said, this is a great platform.

Jake Paul wearing prblm child shirt

Let’s highlight that two people in the fashion industry make up the main cast: influencer Tina Leung and fashion editor and actress Blake Abbie. Of course, it is not to say that the original version did not have its own fashion sense. Bling Empire features private shopping sessions with brands like Dior and Dolce & Gabbana, and showcases haute couture’s most extravagant—and most extravagant—evening gowns. But New York is… different. The fashion this time is very vibrant, but it also shows authenticity and aspiration in a unique way. I chalked it up to Abbie’s show wardrobe. As editor-in-chief at A Magazine who has worked with the System magazines and Document Magazine, he’s an insider from the least mainstream of fashion and the fashion media. Instead of relying on logomania and sequins, he gave us a look at New York’s fashion vanguard, the likes of Collina Strada, Eckhaus Latta, Peter Do, Puppets & Puppets and Telfar, to start.

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“ I will always have a place in fashion history.” Making the first dresses out of metal, paper, molded plastic – that’s my legacy.” And so it is. This is a safe space, so it’s safe to say that many of us started (and ended) Bling Empire: New York. Netflix’s reality TV series, a spin-off of the Los Angeles version now in three seasons, premiered on January 20 and made it to the U.S. streamers’ top 10 most-watched list. , Canada and Singapore, among others. Almost immediately, the spin-off became a topic of conversation in my group chats — friends in the industry, colleagues in Vogue, acquaintances on Instagram… Looks like New York has done it. that the LA original failed to accomplish: capturing the attention of fashion industry insiders.

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