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However, I can’t help but feel moved, a bit “again,” by this image. These images pop up every few years: beautiful (usually skinny) models, sometimes with full hair and makeup, with their babies attached to nipples. There was a perfectly understandable celebration, a time when we “normalized” breastfeeding in public (as if a gorgeous breastfeeding model represented anything like the experience of breastfeeding). of the vast majority of women, but more so at a time). Back in 2013, there was Gisele Bundchen, breastfeeding beautifully while her nail polish was painted on and her hair loose . (She posted it with the label #multitasking, and then dispelled that flourish when it was pointed out that other people were actually using Dysons.) Instagram content

Cardinals lady sassy classy and a tad badassy shirt

The Yanomami struggle is produced by Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, the Moreira Salles institute in Sao Paulo, and in partnership with Brazilian NGOs Hutukara Associacao Yanomani and Instituto Socioambiental, and is available at The Shed from February 3 to April 16, 2023. There’s something that bothers me about the stunning behind-the-scenes photo of model Maggie Maurer breastfeeding her baby that came out after the couture show this week. before. Not pictures or actions—I’m very professional women who do whatever they want to breastfeed their babies, with their bottles or their bodies, whenever and wherever they are. want. If you want to do it with the gold side of Pat McGrath with a plastic tarp that covers your custom clothes (like Maurer did), give yourself a boost. I’m in the minority here, but in general, I think one of the great random benefits of the pandemic is the way it’s breaking down some of the boundaries between work and home life, while making both sometimes being uncomfortable bedmates. sometimes fun roommates—for those who live in small rooms as well as catwalkers. We are all forced to think about the idea that completely separating work and home life is always a ludicrous endeavor.

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“ [Andujar] was not Yanomami, but she was a true friend,” Kopenawa said in the comment that was memorialized on one of the exhibition walls: “She taught me to fight, to defend. Our people, land, language, customs, festivals, dance, chanting, and shamanism. She explained everything to me like my biological mother. I don’t know how to fight politicians, against non-natives. It’s good that she gave me a bow and arrow as a weapon, not to kill white people but to speak out in defense of the Yanomami.” This exhibition, Kopenawa told Vogue, is another arrow in his arrow: Hoping that visitors will come, educate themselves, and demand change. The election of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is a reason to be cautiously optimistic: Lula began her presidency by rescinding all anti-indigenous and anti-environmental measures. of Bolsonaro, and established the country’s first Ministry of Indigenous Peoples, headed by Sonia Guajajara, of the Guajajara/Tentehar people, a staunch defender of the Amazon. But it is unclear whether these measures will be enough in light of the devastation and devastation that has already occurred, and whether they will actually be enforced without the global attention and pressure it brings. . “It was a war. It was a war,” Chandes said. “It’s the Amazon, it’s the air we breathe. And by the way, that is also the beauty of the world.” Well, Kopenawa agrees: “It’s worth the fight.” Perhaps the people who come to see this show will want to fight for it, too.

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