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La Quinta Inn & Suites has a gym, pool, and laundry service, often for less than a decent Airbnb. When it comes to skin care, mist is your companion; they instantly excite you and make you feel like you haven’t spent the past five days on the road in a rolling box. In fact, on the note: Be honest with yourself about how tired you are! Stopping overnight, or even for a few hours, is always smarter than getting so sleepy behind the wheel that the fog on your face won’t wake you up. Snack strategically. I’ve had a pretty open-minded policy on snacks on my road trips, but got a bag of Kishu citrus from my partner to open and pop when I was in dire need of vitamin C (and exhausted). potato (street food, which I never thought possible) made a huge difference in my energy levels.

Official melanin matters shirt

Pay attention to local laws, i.e. just because weed is legal in a state you’re driving through doesn’t mean it will be the next. (Get it from a girl who may or may not have had a nervous breakdown outside the Border Patrol station in El Paso.) Take your time to see the good. I know the motivation of the trip is often to get from place to place as efficiently as possible, but my journey wouldn’t have been the same if I hadn’t stopped at a hot spring spa in New Mexico or spent Time to look beyond the beautiful red rock scenery in Arizona. These are the things I really recall about my road trip, not the days I went from state to state in less than six hours (though I count those days as important achievements). his most important).

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Constantly remind yourself how lucky you are to be free and free on the open road, because it’s not an opportunity that everyone gets. I mean, drive safe and all, but have a little fun in the meantime, especially when you’re completely exhausted and just roll down the window and scream to the soundtrack of Grey’s Anatomy season one . William Wordsworth wrote: “The world is too much for us. In 2022, that redundancy leads to a sort of enveloping sense of paralysis interrupted by raging rage. “Are we still lusting after?” Adam Sternbergh eloquently asked the question in his essay “The Year We Lost It” for The New York Times. For Swedish musician Carl Hjelm Sandqvist, the answer may be yes, despite himself.

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