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The One You Probably Haven’t Heard Of (But Will Love): The Quiet Girl An emotional, small Irish film, based on the story “Foster” by Claire Keegan, has its shortest release date in December and Set to release nationally in theaters later this month, The Silent Girl is about a nine-year-old girl named Cait who is taken by her neglected parents to nearby relatives for a summer vacation in the Irish countryside. It’s a simple story of neglect, loneliness, and a need for privacy, but it’s brimming with emotion and somehow never turns to maudlin sweetness. Young star Catherine Clinch holds a whole world in her silent, expressive face, and the middle-aged couple who take care of her (played by Carrie Crowley and Andrew Bennett) display a benevolent compassion. amazed even when they were bound by family circumstances and obligations. I challenge you not to cry at the end.

Walking weapon josh alexander ontario Canada shirt

Everyone loves a hectic courtroom drama, and until Aaron Sorkin serves us another, we should treat ourselves to this handsome and well-choreographed moral story. directed by Santiago Mitre, currently streaming on Prime Video. The retelling of the real-life case against the leaders of Argentina’s brutal military junta in 1985 is a history lesson that benefits from the vivacious style of prosecutor Julio Strassera, played by Ricardo. Darín, who gives his character a natural dignity and wit. Despite being orchestrated by the Argentine government to fail, Strassera recruits a group of young legal assistants and conducts a weak case against the military elite that attracts national attention. The film isn’t complicated — it’s the story of David and Goliath with moments of intense drama — but the production design offers great atmosphere and the testimonies of ordinary Argentinians recounting the events of the day. kidnapping, torture and worse lands by force. Under Miter’s skillful hands, the outcome of the trial, though never in doubt, was nevertheless suspenseful.

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The Dark Horse: Close If a disappointment is brewing, I wonder if Close, a heart-wrenching, heartbreaking film about adolescence, friendship, and love, can sneak away with the prize. The story of two 13-year-olds in rural Belgium whose close relationships are challenged by cruel and homophobic motivations at school, Close, which won the Grand Prix at Cannes, from the director. Lukas Dhont, whose first film (Girl, about a transgender teen) garnered critical acclaim as well as some controversy. This has also been divisive as some critics have complained about a midway twist in the film that dramatically alters the mood. Not me: I find it just elevates Dhont’s story to a tragedy. Close is beautiful to look at and has moments of pure, penetrating sadness that can’t be shaken. The film recently opened in select theaters and will expand to more theaters this weekend.

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