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So far, there are three. On July 17, HBO released an enigmatic teaser for the new show—and its hallucinatory visual style has shades of Euphoria. It opens with a choreographer putting a group of dancers through their paces, before the camera cuts to frantic shots of someone being given a lap dance, popping champagne bottles, and Depp and Tesfaye reclining in the backseat of a convertible as the music builds to a crescendo. We also get a glimpse of grand mansions; Depp practicing and then performing a vigorous routine; plates of cocaine; cash being counted; and Tesfaye at the head of a dinner table, asking Depp, “Why don’t you just be yourself?” She scowls at him in response. “Because there’s nothing about me that’s relatable.” Cue wild partying in neon-drenched clubs, Tesfaye and Troye Sivan kicking back on a sun-drenched terrace, and things getting steamy between Tesfaye and Depp in a recording studio. “Do you trust me?” he whispers, and she laughs. “Not really.” Bold, blood red text then invites viewers to enjoy “the sleaziest love story in all of Hollywood.”

Vibes are immaculate here shirt

Fans had to wait another month for a second snippet of what’s to come: on August 21, HBO unveiled another clip that opens with the tagline, “from the gutters of Hollywood / Comes a new HBO original series.” It features Depp’s Jocelyn strutting through record company offices, shooting a music video, and casually smoking a cigarette in a sauna, before turning to her female companion to ask: “What was the name of that club?” Cue another party scene, with strobe-lighting illuminating the bodies undulating on the dance floor.

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A third teaser followed on October 6, featuring Depp’s Jocelyn dancing, being mobbed by paparazzi, and receiving direction from Tesfaye. “We need a fucking hit,” says one of the record company executives as she continues rehearsals, while another says, “I’m worried she’s having another psychotic break.” Then, contracts are signed, more plates of cocaine are shared, and the convertible carrying Depp and Tesfaye is shown speeding off between palm trees. It doesn’t give much away, but expect raunchy happenings in The Idol.

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