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Maxwell puts on men’s trousers, a black corset, a men’s jacket, and a pair of chunky-soled Dr. Martens, and heads out for her morning coffee, but not before running into a makeup artist friend as leaves the hotel. “My first casting I was probably terrified and so young,” she recalls, as she walks through the streets of Paris. “You learn quickly in this industry how to take the good and the bad, the yeses and the nos, and you get quite used to it!” Later, Maxwell reminisces about how the industry has changed since she first began, when, she says, it used to be about “measurements and stats.” Now it’s more about models’ personalities.

Italy Fifa world cup third place shirt

When you think of Stella Maxwell, it’s possible that the first things that come to mind are glamorous images of the model walking the runways for famous designers, so it may come as a surprise to learn than in real life, the Belgian-born, New Zealand–raised model is actually very down to earth. In this episode of “Diary of a Model,” Maxwell brings the Vogue cameras to Paris as she goes about her day, which just happens to include walking the Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood show. First thing first: She walks us through her surprisingly sparse beauty routine—eye patches to combat jet lag (just a few days ago she was in Los Angeles, she tells us), some face rolling, and that’s about it.

Italy Fifa world cup third place s Hoodie

“One of the reasons I wanted to have them clothed in the Manet is because it is more about them occupying the space and not about them being nude. It’s also about them being very present. It’s very seldom that you see Black women in the context of relaxation or lounging. Where you see me as muse, in the nude in the form of an Odalisque, even this is equated to a form of leisure. To recline is to relax, to recline is to lounge, which is not necessarily associated to the Black body, since Black bodies are usually looked at through trauma, through abuse or discrimination. Me, I’m coming from a place of celebration and joy. So I wanted to bring that to the forefront. We, too, can occupy these [spaces] and emote these feelings.

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