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So no, there would likely have been no invasion of Ukraine. Just annexation. Because that’s how Trump rolls. Remember, when Biden was pushing $350 million of emergency military aid to Ukraine and denouncing Putin, building up stiff sanctions and rallying NATO, Trump was publicly saying Putin was a “genius” and a “peacekeeper” for invading Ukraine. One last PS: if you post and won’t allow responses, your post is toast. Quora is supposed to be about the exchange of information and opinions. IMO that means “drive-by” replies (where someone posts and won’t allow a reply) are contrary to the purpose. I don’t mind if we disagree. But I’ll eliminate any replies that are off-topic or don’t allow replies. It’s not complicated: Putin didn’t invade Ukraine while Trump was in office because he was getting everything he needed without resorting to war. Rule #1: Never make life difficult for an asset when they’re helping you achieve your strategic goals. No, it’s highly unlikely Putin would have invaded Ukraine if Trump was President. National Security journalist Ed Luce said it best: “The reason Putin didn’t invade Ukraine while Trump was president was that he was getting everything he wanted without firing a shot, or risking [losing] an oligarch. War is the last resort.

BTW, I find it humorous that all of the Trump supporters who make the argument that Putin didn’t launch a full invasion of Ukraine until Biden was President, which means Biden is weak. I’m guessing that those same individuals view Winston Churchill as a sniveling weak leader. After all, it wasn’t until he was Prime Minister that Hitler invaded France, formally launch attacks on Great Britain, and then later commit forces to North Africa. So doesn’t that prove Hitler found Churchill to be weak? Trump’s actions enabled Putin, such as Chamberlain’s enabled Hitler. You see, Trump argued NATO was obsolete. He criticized our allies (while praising Putin). Trump abruptly cut all military aid to Ukraine and tried to keep it a secret.

Then, when forced to resume it, he ordered all anti-tank weapons but kept them only in Western Ukraine (far from Russian armor). Trump also claimed that it was Ukraine that interfered in the 2016 Presidential election, not Russia. Trump also said that Crimea was part of Russia because they all spoke Russian (which I guess means all areas of the US that speak Spanish or Vietnamese or some other language belong to that country—great logic there!).