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They won’t admit that. They will continue to insist that somehow Joe Biden is a very good president who protects people’s human rights, freedom, and democracy, and runs the country and the economy very well, while Donald Trump is a super evil racist, fascist, rapist, xenophobe, homophobe, transphobe, women-hater, uneducated, dumb, criminal, installed by Russian hackers, supported by Russian trolls, and controlled by Putin, and liked only by white supremacists, public shooters, pro-violence lunatics, and “right-wing conspiracy theorist”, DESPITE THE FACT THIS IS NOT TRUE.

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Biden and his administration will be known in history as the worst president in history. The left wing Democrats will be known as a cult that had no respect for the Country, what it stands, no respect for it’s people, the society and no respect for the people who gave their lives so you would have the freedom and finances to tear this Country apart if you can. The left wing is committing suicide as we speak, they don’t know what the people think about their protesting, their hate, their policies, their crying, wine-ing and bitching when they don’t get their way, destruction of fossil fuels, the infection of our children and their dam hate of the Country, they don’t know this because they only listen to others that have their same sick and evil views. Our blood line is different from anyone the left wing has infected and this fight is the death they have been avoiding with their other weak ass advisories.

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The Democrat Party is the largest crime organization in the history of the USA. Every Democrat-run city is a crime-ridden cesspool, and the Democrat-run Teachers Union (and colleges), has turned America’s youth into a nation full of zombies. This only continues because the Democrat crime organization controls almost all of America’s institutions….especially the media. A great number of Americans are starting to see this. And that is why Dems are losing voters at a rate of about 5000/day nationwide. I left about six years ago, and other people, such as Elon Musk, left last month. Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are all catching on too and starting to see this party for what it really is. District 34 in South Texas (85% Hispanic), flipped from blue to red for the first time in 100 years. People, there is still hope to save this country. But the amount of damage done by the Democrats, and their newest doomsday weapon, demented Joe Biden, has been so incredibly severe, that China will overtake the USA as the number one superpower in the next few years. We will never recover unless Democrats are kept out of power for at least 2 decades straight.

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They will pick a prey and harass it to death and should one of their own show weakness, they will turn on them and shred them. While tending to promote their version of liberal agenda… they have no loyalty. They view the job as getting ratings, not seeking truth. Whoopie Goldberg showed a flaw that the media can’t allow to be shown… Everyone knew she thought that way and spoke that way off camera… but she seemed to have forgotten the camera was on… and it went out on live TV. Can’t be that obvious Whoopie… it shows the real agenda.