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I’m so in love with the style of the late ’60s. I’m excited to do something rooted in that Americana style for the first time. And Priscilla is a quintessential glamour icon. I love that she was always done up. Even around the house, she and Elvis would never come downstairs until they were both dressed and tailored. They were extremely dedicated to fashion, so it’s been fun to dip into an era when everyone still got dressed up. I just wish she saved some of her clothes!

Yellowstone forget johnny and june I want a love like rip and beth shirt

Not really. A lot of Elvis’s stuff got archived, but only a handful of Priscilla’s looks, mostly the more sentimental stuff like her wedding dress. She said, “Nobody thought about preserving outfits at that time.” Back then you kinda just gave everything to Goodwill and never thought about it coming back in style. Thankfully I saved all of my Marc Jacobs pieces from the ’90s so my daughters can wear them one day. You mentioned that Priscilla took precedence over your miniseries adaptation of Edith Wharton’s The Custom of the Country. Is that still gonna eventually happen at Apple?

Yellowstone forget johnny and june I want a love like rip and beth s hoodie

It’s on hold until after Priscilla when I can reassess where it’s at. I think I went into that project a little naively because I’d never attempted something at that scale before. It was gonna be a five-hour Gilded Age period piece that I would ultimately rather make as a long movie. But the budgets for TV are different than film, and getting enough money to make the kind of film I wanna make is just a massive challenge these days. I worked on it for a long time, so maybe I’ll revisit it eventually, but I’m excited to kinda change gears and jump into Priscilla.

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