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Your resilience, especially in the face of public disapproval, continues to inspire. From a new mom in the tape leak to getting pregnant again in those brutal consignments, how can you rise above it all? Well, I mean, you shouldn’t get approval or consolation from the public. You really have to get it from yourself. So I’ve always had survival mechanisms that aren’t really in your body and dealing with what’s going on. But being pregnant, I knew it was a turning point for me when I realized I couldn’t run anywhere. I can’t go anywhere. I have children. I have a baby inside me. He feels everything I feel. I have to find some kind of hope in all of this for him. And it’s an easy choice. That’s what keeps us alive. You can only dance with the devil for so long. I just feel like they’re going to win. It’s not that they’ll win the case—it’s not about winning or losing. It’s about maintaining your health, sanity, and quality of life. It proved to be the right decision because I have a great life. I have come to a point where I am satisfied and I am happier than I have been in a long time. You have to make good decisions for yourself. It may not look like it at the moment, but eventually, in the future, you will somehow be authenticated. Anderson and her young son. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Shaka the world shirt

I was dancing around all the tabloid stories, TV shows, marriage and people’s opinions. I feel like this is the first opportunity where I can say, Well, this is how I did it. I don’t know how you will, but this is how I got through it all, and with a smile. Even though there have been difficult times, we will get through it. So hopefully, that’s not a bad thing for me; it’s not a victim-y thing. I am not a victim. I have had such a wonderful life and a chance to live such a wonderful experience when it comes to love, romance and seeing the world. I’m very fortunate, so to be able to write from this perspective—at my age to look back on it—was very helpful to me, and I think it was a salvation. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

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Vogue: In their title, both your memoir and documentary revolve around love. Why do you want to make love a common theme when telling your story? Pamela Anderson: Well, I feel like my book is like a love letter to the world, and I always write “Love, Pamela” for everything, so I think that’s a great title. I don’t know what Netflix wants to call the documentary. I really don’t have any part of that. But I guess I’m a romantic. I always talk about love, romance, compassionate lifestyle and sexual revolution. So I guess everything I do really always revolves around love. After the fictional depiction was made without your consent, we finally hear directly from you what your life was like before and during the release of the stolen sex tape. your. How does it feel to be able to speak your truth?

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