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“ In the coming year, we are excited for artists and artisans to work by hand with natural materials—ceramics, glass, wood—in sophisticated and beautiful ways.” -The brutality of Robin Standefer 2023 creates a warmer spin for the movement’s hallmarks. Here’s a room styled by Colin King. Kovi Konoweicki “Concrete floors are coming back in 2023. I’m seeing all sorts of techniques when it comes to using concrete, from rough to glossy, and more recently. I was most intrigued by a technique called microtopping.” -Colin King“Brutal design is going to be a big trend next year. It is characterized by the use of raw, unfinished concrete as a building material, as well as a focus on function and the use of industrial materials. Concrete is making a strong comeback as a decorative element for interiors. I assume the return is due to the general demand for a clean and quiet space. Compared to before, the new brutalist style leads to a softer approach, incorporating natural elements such as wood, stone, plants and sustainable materials, resulting in a warm and welcoming aesthetic. than.” -Giampiero Tagliaferri, Studio Tagliaferri

Official julie nathanson samantha maxis women's history month shirt

“ Monochromatic color scheme through layered textures and textiles with many similar tones. Make it fashionable! -Sarah Solis “I really started to see glass as a trend during a trip to Salone in Milan, where it was done in unique and interesting ways. Suddenly, I [now] find myself being attracted to glass objects.” -Athena Calderone “Unique statement lighting—especially the great Italian Murano chandelier. Anything with a vintage feel of the 1970s and 1980s.” -Sarah Solis “A mix of ’70s glamor with simple furniture. I’ve loved Murano design for a few years now and I don’t think this trend is going to change anytime soon. Seeing one The oversized Murano chandelier in a modern neutral space room is fresh and exciting.” -Danielle is cold

Official julie nathanson samantha maxis women's history month s hoodie

“ From door frames and window sills to baseboards and moldings, using marble and stone on surfaces around the home is not a new trend but has recently evolved into to decorate architectural details. Looking at marble and stone in this way not only creates a sense of the old and timeless world, but also freshens and breathes new life into the used material.” -Colin King “A big trend this year is applying one fabric to everything in the room. You would think this might make the space busy, but it really has a peaceful, cozy and luxurious effect! Also, it’s very easy.” -Mark D. Sikes“Striking monochrome rooms where contours are painted to match the walls. Gone are the decor and white ceilings. It’s all about bold colors covering a space! -Danielle is cold

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