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The hotel also arranged a visit to the Hindu Ganga Aarti festival in Rishikesh, on the riverside where The Beatles first met Maharishi in 1958, causing a media storm. Since then, the setup has been modernized somewhat, with sound systems and live streaming to share the experience with the hundreds of people gathered there to watch and participate in lighting the lights and singing prayers. . The purpose of Ganga Aarti is to show gratitude and respect to the sacred river, ask for its blessing with incense and light diya lamps flowing downstream. Ananda’s approach is didactic, but doesn’t overwhelm you with the lessons therapists want to impart — the focus is on bringing in what you’ve learned about yourself, your mind, and your body. when you leave. I’m using a double factor to call Ananda the most “exciting” spa I’ve ever attended (my partner decided to take advantage of my intense meditative state and suggested it shortly after). special muscle melting massage) but the experience is really there. invite your full attention. Courtesy of Ananda in the Himalayas

Official damn right I'm a kings fan now and forever shirt

And while I can’t promise I’ll follow all of Dr. Chandan’s great advice in the letter, I’ve found that I’ve taken some important lessons home from Ananda. Have dinner before 7 p.m. every night. Practice breathing through both nostrils, as learned during a yoga nidra session. And most important of all? Prioritize relaxation, whether through massage or mindfulness. From now on, I plan to do just that. ‘Until death part us, at least. The love story of Caroline Constas and William Chevalier Strother begins during a pandemic, when the fashion designer and real estate developer found refuge on both sides of the Atlantic: Caroline, in Greece, her family’s hometown, and Will, in his family. Santa Fe’s hometown. However, after being introduced by mutual friends, a relationship blossomed: through text messages, the two bonded through the challenges they both faced as entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 era. -19. Caroline said: “Our relationship is very intense and we find ourselves talking several times a day. “In November 2020, when we both returned to the east coast, we immediately started dating seriously.”

Official damn right I'm a kings fan now and forever s hoodie

More than two years later, Will proposed—and in an unexpected way. “Will walked into our bedroom and told me he really wanted to do a 10-day retreat,” recalls Caroline. “He explained that he wouldn’t be able to use his phone, couldn’t access email, or couldn’t be contacted at the time, and then asked if I was okay. I said without hesitation, of course. Then he looked at me and said he thought we should get married. The rest is history.” That very day, they walked to the Bowery Hotel and booked a spot on the rooftop for a late love affair. They then went to Gemma for dinner, sharing a hearty cacio e pepe. On November 4, 2022, the two held a wedding in New York City. Caroline, who runs her eponymous fashion line Caroline Constas, hosts most of the nights herself (“The plan is just a piece of cake besides running a fashion business — literally! ” she joked) and even designed her own outfits. “I know I wanted the whole thing to feel very old-fashioned, but I also wanted a minimal, sexy feel after the ceremony. That’s where the idea of wearing a coat over a cape came in,” she says of the idea for her look. After sourcing decorative lace, she worked with her pattern markers to create a floor-length, high-collar coat complete with a mermaid-embroidered tulle. Then she made a glamorous dress with spaghetti straps, a train, and a ruched back. She paired it all with Manolo Blahniks, a veil from Pronovias, and custom-made teardrop diamond earrings by William Goldberg.

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