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And at the end of A Man’s Place, she writes, “Now I have finished taking possession of the legacy with which I had to part when I entered the educated, bourgeois world.” In Happening she recalls, 40 years after the fact, her desperate search as a 23-year-old student in early-1960s France for a back-alley abortion. (A film based upon the book and directed by Audrey Diwan was awarded the Golden Lion at Venice last year.) She is both unsparing and unapologetic—shameless, really—on the subject of female desire. Long ago my favorite book by Ernaux, the lightly fictionalized Simple Passion, restored my will to read after a difficult time in life had robbed me of it. (Full disclosure: I’m far from home right now, but The Years, which some consider her masterpiece, lies unopened on my bedside table.) In that book, she writes of the few years she spent involved with a married foreign diplomat while in her 50s. Stretched upon the rack of time, she waits to have sex with him, and nothing else then seems to matter for her—not even the writing, which is otherwise her most constant companion, her salvation.

Andrew Tate Resist The Slave Mind Shirt

“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open,” the poet and activist Muriel Rukeyser wrote. Well, we may still be waiting for the world to split open, but Annie Ernaux has fulfilled that mission. How wonderful it is that a wider audience will now be introduced to this writer of devastating simplicity and experience her work. To look at most television commercials and subway ads, you’d think that human beings were designed to do nothing but work (and occasionally order Seamless). Much has been written about the rise of hustle culture, but in her new book Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto, author and Nap Ministry creator Tricia Hersey frames things a bit differently.

Andrew Tate Resist The Slave Mind Shirt hoodie

Hersey makes the point that a go-go-go approach to working can easily veer into toxicity—opting instead to uphold rest as a vital, potentially freeing, and politically energizing activity for all. In a culture that often seems obsessed with output, Hersey is more focused on the inner calm and self-knowledge that can come with proper rest—by which she means “naps, sleep, slowing down and leisure in a capitalist, white supremacist, patriarchal world”—and on investigating who has traditionally been denied that rest and its myriad benefits. Recently, Vogue spoke to Hersey about extolling the virtues of rest through a lens of Blackness, writing and parenting during COVID, and the importance of slowing down. Read the full interview below.

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